The Smurfs Shape And Sort Truck


SKU: 64387

The Polesie plastic toy factory produces products under the Smurfs license. Beloved by children, curious and very funny cartoon characters diversify the game and make it even more interesting. Logic truck "Smurfs" is not just a truck, but an educational toy for children under 3 years old. There is a logic puzzle in the car body - 6 puzzle holes of different geometric shapes, for which the kid needs to choose the appropriate shapes. The figures have stickers with pictures. Also, the kid can easily get the figures out of the body by pulling the hole near the cab. There is a recess under the body cover, the child will be able to transport not only the figures from the kit but also other small toys and construction kit parts. Logic truck "Smurfs" will captivate the kid for a long time,

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