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The game includes 36 Superhero cards that portray one of six superheroes on one of six different backgrounds. In addition, there are six blank background cards and six clear cards that contain an image of one of the superheroes. During the game's set up, the background cards and the clear superhero cards are randomly put together. The rest of the cards are dealt out to the players, and they form a draw pile in front of each player.

Game play consists of a player drawing his or her top card and displaying it face-up on a shared draw pile. If the card color and superhero matches any of those displayed on the table, a player yells "Gotcha" and then slaps the pile, taking all the cards below. If the card does not match any of the combinations, play simply moves to the next player.

The player who gets all the cards wins. The game also comes with a set of basic rules to play the game with young children.

Suitable for Ages 8+


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