Parktower 4 Floors With Cars


SKU: 37855

  • Four stories high

  • Works with Lifting Winch and Crane

  • With ramp outlet and Attached Car Wash

  • Complete with a filling station

  • Suitable for children 3 years +


Made of the highest quality materials, it guarantees safety and reliability comfort. The product, however, is not only about parking. In its central part, surrounded by the track, there is an elevator. It allows you to transport vehicles to individual levels. At the very bottom, there is a car wash, car repair shop, and a mini gas station with three dispensers. The workshop door can be opened and the sponges in the car wash can be activated by turning the handles on special discs. There is a high crane within the parking lot. Its mechanism, a retractable hook on a string, allows you to pull any objects of a reasonable size to the very top of the building. The fun is made more attractive by barriers located along the tracks. The set includes two cars and a set of stickers to decorate the parking lot. The product is compatible with the rest of the series.

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