Park Garage 5 Floors With Street And Cars



Polesie Park garage 5 Floor with Street and Car toy made of plastic. Packed in a carton box. Recommended for 3 years and above age children. Polesie manufactures high quality, hygienic, safe, and heart-warming toys and games. Polesie is a leading and widely recognized manufacturer and exporter of plastic toys and games that bring knowledge and entertainment to children of all age groups. Polesie is the largest manufacturer of plastic toys and also plastic household items. A huge range of products including kids' toys and playsets, trikes and quad ride on, outdoor toys and other toys for garden play, household items, and pet products.


5-Level Parking Garage with a car track

Car Wash Lift Station +3 CARS

Made of plastic

Recommended for 3 years and above age children

Packed in carton box

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