Molto Dino Blocks 30 Pcs


SKU: 67807

Set of dinosaurs + constructor (30 elements) (in a box) from the Polesie factory is presented in the form of a large colorful dinosaur with moving elements.  The dinosaur moves its limbs and opens its mouth. There are mounts for the designer on the back of the dinosaur. Thus, the child can independently complete the design of the toy, thereby developing imagination and design skills.


One of the handles acts as a sound activation button.
The dinosaur can make 4 different sounds.
The kit also provides for the presence of 30 designer elements with bright stickers that will allow the child to create different situations in the game.
The storage of the kit will be simplified thanks to the presence of a niche in the body of the dinosaur that can be opened by pulling a hole in the bottom of the structure. "Dinosaur"

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