Minnie Mouse 360° Stunt Car with Light


SKU: FD-12


✓ Cognitive Development

✓ Auditory Senses Development

✓ Directional Sense Development

✓ Engineering


Every child’s favorite Mickey Mouse is going on a ride and calling you to join his adventure. What are you waiting for? Join him and go on a roller coaster ride.

✓ Modern-Day Tech allows us to develop this precise stunt car for your child. It comes with a remote control function and possesses a 360 hover.

✓ It is made up of durable elements and recommends for children above 3. As a parent, you need to hold your seat and relax and let your child take over this beautifully built car.

✓ The car has built-in music that will engage the children and develop their auditory senses.

✓ The car also possesses built-in light: the fun can continue as long as you want.

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