Miffy Loco I


SKU: 80585

The Miffy series puzzle engine is compact and functional. It can be used as a typewriter, drawstring gurney and sorter. The kids have to solve a problem: there are four holes on the roof of the locomotive, for each you need to pick up a figure corresponding to the shape. There are 6 figures in total. The functions of the train are universal, and playing with it is useful for coordinating the movements of the baby. The toy develops logical thinking, memory, attentiveness, and the ability to analyze. This is a very convenient way to introduce babies to shapes and colours. Ahead of the train is a dial for acquaintance with numbers and time. The figurines are easy to get out of the container. And other small "cargo" can also be transported on a train. A toy with rounded corners is safe. And it is made of high-quality plastic in two colours. The toy is packed in a colourful corrugated box.

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