Cookware Set 20 Pcs



₦14,829.75 ₦15,360.50

The ability to cook, maintain everyday life and take care of cleanliness will greatly help children in the future. The Polesie toy tableware is presented in a wide range. With this set, the child will feel like a pastry chef and master of culinary masterpieces, because the set includes molds, a rolling pin, a dough knife ... The set will introduce the child to cooking utensils. Toy dishes promote the development of fine motor skills, imagination, and coordination of movements. Perhaps, from an acquaintance with this toy, the child will wake up interest in the profession of a pastry chef. The set is packed in a container, which is convenient for storing and moving dishes.



    • saucepan with a lid - 1 pc.,

    • saucepan with handle and lid - 1 pc.,

    • frying pan with a lid - 1 pc.,

    • deep bowl with handles - 1 pc.,

    • rolling pin - 1 pc.,

    • molds - 6 pcs.,

    • jar with lid - 1 pc.,

    • dough knife - 1 pc.,

    • spoon - 1 pc.,

    • scoop - 1 pc.,

    • scapula - 1 pc.,

    • slotted spoon - 1 pc.

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