Minion Colorful Trolley Luggage 2


SKU: 483

  • Retractable Handle

  • Four-Wheeled

  • Made of hard durable plastic

  • Password Lock


Let your little ones flaunt their love for the world of Colorful Minion Trolley Luggage by packing their luggage in this brightly designed trolley suitcase. It is not only fun and bright to look at but is also easy to carry. This durable suitcase is ideal for traveling long distances and will immediately catch the fancy of the kids. The luggage is lightweight, will not be an extra burden to children when they go to school or on the way to travel. Store 3 days clothes for kids, store toys and easy to carry, Lightweight, Durable, Zipper closure, 2 compartments, Strap on one side & Zip pocket on another side.

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