Cleaning Trolley with vacuum cleaner


SKU: 59314

The game set "Assistant" is made in delicate colours, is functional and has a soundtrack. The toy consists of one module - a vacuum cleaner on wheels - and accessories. The toy vacuum cleaner resembles an attribute of a modern housewife, has a movable handle, which makes the toy interesting and functional. The vacuum cleaner is "talking", that is, it has a soundtrack - an imitation of a working device. To hear the sound, you need to hold down the button on the handle. The mobile cart also contains other cleaning accessories: a wringer, a mop, a brush and a scoop. The kit also includes a bottle imitating a cleaning agent. With the help of such a toy, the child learns independence and in a playful way learns to order. The "Assistant" set will be an excellent gift for children. You can play with him both alone and as a team.


  • vacuum

  • packer

  • brush

  • scoop

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