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The well-equipped Master Chef game complex is made in red and white. The kitchen countertop is multifunctional and has two zones: for cooking and for washing dishes. A toy hood is attached to the top of the set, which makes the kitchen more realistic (there are even hooks for appliances!). The design has many shelves and niches, which is very convenient for placing the elements of the set. The complex has a built-in device that simulates a coffee machine. The lower part is complemented by an oven, refrigerator, and storage cabinets.

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To make the game with the set interesting and realistic, the set includes dishes:

  • pan,
  • pan,
  • a cup,
  • salt shaker,
  • 2 saucers,
  • 2 cups,
  • rolling pin,
  • the spoon,
  • fork,
  • knife,
  • 4 kitchen appliances.

And also an imitation of products: orange, tomato, pear, apple, french fries, chicken egg.

With the Master Chef set, the kid gets the opportunity to get acquainted with different ways of cooking; to dream up, coming up with different dishes; introduce yourself as a chef. The colorful printing of the set provides for the presence of elements, cutting out which the kid can add to the game scenario. Develops hand-eye coordination

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Dimensions 415 × 280 × 540 cm

3-5 Years




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