97 Pcs Block Track Train Set

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Building Blocks Train Toy with Train Track Set for Children & Toddlers.

Kinder Blocks train set- A very good product for 4-6 years baby.

Easily assembles, no sharp corner, creative and kids friendly.

Kids enjoy a lot while playing with this.

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A train set and building block for kids from 3+ age.

This 97 Pcs Building Block and Train Set can really help your little one’s inner world flourish, whether playing Thomas the Tank Engine at later stages of growth or simply using the blocks to build towers in the early stages.

Every kid loves pushing toys around and once the rails are put together so the train can be pushed around the tracks, you watching as their little make-believe worlds grow and flourish. As they grow so you will see the train set get ever more complex, a real joy for the parent to see.


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