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Clown clock

The “Clown” watch from the “Polesie” factory is an educational toy for children of younger preschool age. Around the circumference of the clock, there are holes of different shapes, into which different figures are placed. This game contributes to the development of logical thinking. The hands of the clock can be moved, this allows the toy to show different times. A convenient handle is located on top of the structure, thanks to which the watch can be easily moved even by a child, and at the bottom, there are two stable legs that allow you to put the toy vertically. While playing with the clock, the kid will not only learn how to recognize the time by the position of the hands, but also get acquainted with colour, geometric shapes, and also learn numbers. The “Clown” watch is made of high-quality materials and will serve a kid for a long time.

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made of durable materials.

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