What is Auldontoys?
Auldontoys is the biggest toy company in West Africa.We are a wholesale and retail toy company that services big chain stores like Shoprite, Game, Ebano etc.
Why Should I Buy from Auldontoys?
It’s the best place to get varieties of toys ranging from children tv characters to bible stories and amazing puzzles to keep your kids busy all day every week.
Where can I access Auldontoys from?
Auldontoys can be accessed from all mobile devices by using the browsers on your device eg chrome, Firefox, operamini and safari, you reach a world of boundless possibilities of toys, we are also on google play store as AULDONTOYS, download the app and get the best toys at your disposal.

Is my Information Secure?
The AULDONTOYS platform is protected by a world class web security agency and by having a personal web master to keep tab and audit all information that comes in and goes out from the auldontoys platform, your information is more than secure, it is in the right hand.

How do I Create an Account?
The easiest and fastest way to get access to toys in the world is on this platform. Kindly click on the create account icon and when a new window pops up, fill in the right details and all the toys in our store is yours to have.
How can I Recover my Password?
Click on the sign in option, click on forget password, fill in the details and a mail would be sent to the email used in registering.
How do I Place an order?
Kindly visit this link https://www.auldontoys.com/how-to for instruction to place an order.
Do you have Discounts for Wholesalers?
All items on the platform are wholesale sold and at the best price you can get them, sometimes we run discount promo’s on our platforms and the best way to get the best of this is through our social media platforms.


How do I Place an order?
Kindly visit this link https://www.auldontoys.com/how-to for instruction to place an order
What type of Delivery rate do you have?
We have different fixed delivery rates for different states and different total amount of item purchased, we use God is good logistic for our nationwide delivery as they are very effective and they offer door to door delivery for Lagos, Abuja, Asaba and Port-Harcourt.
Delivery charge within Lagos cost a minimum of N1,200.
Delivery charge for items outside Lagos cost a minimum of N2,50.
why are items not saving to cart?
When faced with this issue, kindly register on our website with your email ID and personal password as this enables the automatic save for every item you have selected and added to your cart.

What payment option is available?
we have the bank transfer payment option to complete your order.

I can't pay on the website?
When faced with this issue after multiple trial, kindly choose the bank transfer option to complete your order. Account details. Bank- FCMB Account Name- Auldon Limitedb 3 Account Number 0953102036.

How long would delivery take?

For customer within Lagos, all items would be delivered within 48Hours. for items outside Lagos,it takes 3-5 working days to get the items delivered